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Calling all bright sparks, creativity is open to all!

But the creative industry? Not so much.

That’s where we come in

What is it? An open academy created by Jones Knowles Ritchie to help you find your feet in the creative business.

We know a bright spark can come from anywhere, so we’re not looking for the finished article. Instead, we’re looking for those who are curious about what this industry can offer them… and willing to take a chance to find out.

So, if you’ve ever even considered a career in the world of creativity, but didn’t know where to start, sparks is for you.

What makes a spark?

We’re looking for people with no previous design experience who aren't afraid to...

Be Yourself

Be Brave

Be Tenacious

Be yourself

Be brave

Be tenacious

That’s it. If you're 18 and above and fit that criteria, we want to hear from you.

Wait, what exactly
am I signing up for?

sparks is a 16 week paid programme made to sharpen your skills and open new opportunities in the industry.

This isn’t a standard internship. We’ll be keeping you busy from day one with live briefs, specialist training and collaborative projects.

I'm in, how do I apply?

Right here. To apply we just need you to create something in response to 3 prompts. 

Your responses can be in any format: film, sketches, audio, photography… whatever feels right. We just want to see how your brain works, so we’ll be judging based on the brightness of your ideas – not how perfect your execution is.

What makes you happy and why?

We’re at our most productive, when we’re feeling contented and confident. So, what makes you feel good? It could be an image that brings you joy, a TikTok about a favourite topic, or a piece about a subject that makes you smile.

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What do you do when you get stuck?

It happens to everyone. But when it does... do you pop on a podcast, leaf through a book, lose yourself in TedTalks, chat it through with a friend, write down a plan? We want to know!

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What does bravery mean to you?

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, we're interested in what your style of bravery looks like. What's the word that pops into your mind? Or soundtrack? Animation? Poem? Recipe? When you hear the word, what does that mean to you?

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The detail bit

Applications close June 23rd and successful applicants will be invited to interview by mid July.

Make it through that and you’ll be a spark, joining us for 16 paid weeks of work, starting in August.

Ready to ignite your career in creativity?

Apply now